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"Working With People Who Set Unrealistic Goals"
"Everying in Moderation: Does it Work?"
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After you've had to endure "celebrity trainers" who lack credibility, are unknown in the fitness industry, and offer little in the way of substance, you've found a fitness professional that has gained the respect of the fitness industry, the media, and the public.

Jonathan's fresh take on fitness, his inspirational story of how he became a trainer, and his empathy for people like you struggling to get fit in a world that makes it ever more complicated to do so, make him highly sought after by individuals and organizations who seek accurate, relevant fitness information delivered with charisma, passion, and understanding.

He provides the education, inspiration, and motivation necessary to make lasting, visible changes in your body. If you want to start rapidly moving toward living in the best body possible, then you will benefit greatly from his guidance. You've waited long enough, don't wait another moment...

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Maximize your willpower - my guest spot on the 15 Minutes to Wellness Podcast.

Jonathan on the 15 Minutes to Wellness Podcast

Jonathan named to Washingtonian Magazine's list of
Top Trainers in the Washington, DC-area.

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